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Monday, May 29, 2006 

A Fiery Start

It's hotter than hell here.Just like a marinated chicken inside the heated up tandoor I feel the flames wrapping me up while the stench of burnt meat fills the air.Slices of clouds in the dull sky above promise not a single drop of precipitation to quench the thirst of this scortching desertland.Between the shadows of dead tree trunks the last of the oasises holds only a few drops of the murky waters to reflect the pricky cacti.Only soul carrying hope is the scavenger spreading its wingspan over the horizon in pursuit of the carcasses in this arid landscape.

It's not about the enlightment from the Inconvinient Truth or liberation from The State of Fear.It's a day to day journal of a hopeless soul trying his hands at the extinguishing skills while his pants are on fire.

Stay tuned.