Sunday, August 05, 2007 

What's the fine line between ranting and bitching

I really feel sorry for all the married folks that keep on saying "I've have had my share of enjoyment". Boss, the biggest worry is you are using past perfect tense. And that's what doesn't make any sense to some-one who still oscillates between the question of "To Biye or not to Biye ?".

But my hats off to the rare few whom I happen to meet on occasions where alcohol makes "a sober man's secret a druken man's speech". And when they say "Life's is always on the offering's as a taker we are the ones still confused on what we need...and that's where we put on our sad masks" -- I still feel there's still hope and finish off my peg before calling the waiter for "One more whisky please"

It gives me a sense that there's hope knowing tomorrow there'll be sunrise, chirping birds, children playing amidst grassy meadows, while I nurse my worst hangover.

Certain things never change...till the Armagaedon hits the third rock from the Sun