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Wednesday, May 31, 2006 

First Drops of Rain

The clouds above had a colour different from the usual cotton texture. It was neither the greyish gloom before the rain or the sombre orange seen at dawn and dusk. It had an unknown yellowish tinge that could have conveyed the melancholy solitude or bloomy hope at the sametime.The sun-rays peeking through the pores assumed an unfamiliar shade that glared the surroundings to a burning haze.Such was the specter that even the rippling waters seemed to desparately still while potraying the reflection of the sky above.Not a single bird was at sight spreading its wings across the gloomy dull breeze that stirred no living soul.The primitive state of existence was brooding silent in anticipation from the heavens above.

And then the orange droplets came down pricking deep into the flesh.The first acid rain wiped out the green covers that strecthed across my valley.

really nice way of presenting the first rain drops:)

@BabuMoshai :Thank you for your appreciation.Do keep on visiting.

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