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Friday, June 02, 2006 

Down came the thunder-bolt

The entire population of the village was either snoring or tossing in their beds when it started. The stray dogs suddenly broke to a vociferous snarl and even before the awakened denizens could curse the growls subsided to submissive squeeks. The next few minutes was marked with the midnight silence as everyone was rubbing their sleepy eyes to speculate a reason behind this sudden weird canine behaviour. Before the quickest of the minds could take a pick from the earthly and unearthly possibilities the ground below started shaking. The first reaction of fear was overcome by the attempt of survival that brought them out of their houses. Then as the tremors stopped they all looked up at the skies above.

First came the lights and then came the sounds. The sky seemed to be torned down bringing down the wrath of the gods to the earth.

They were still curiously looking at the skies when their bodies were annihilated by the proton rays. The first of the scout vessels landed on Earth to send a signal to the mother battleship lodged somewhere between Jupiter and Mars.

aaribaas! eto sci fi haiku!

What happens after the scout vessels land? Tell rest of the story faaassst :)

Hutum-da,ei blog-e su-swagatam.Odhom-r samanyo lekha-take apnar Haiku mone hoyeche ta amar soubhagyi. Abar asben dada .Ekta chotto abdaar eibaar ekta notun post chai.Apnar lekha-r style-ta blog-jogote odwitiwo.

Ron,welcome to my blog.To find out what happens next please drop by sometimes later. BTW like your blog posts quite a lot.Keep on entertaining us with your lucid online journal.Catch you later.

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