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Tuesday, October 31, 2006 

A Rant and Subsequent Question

As predicted earlier Ms. Sanity twisted her left leg and kicked on my right bum. And Chilla wakes up with a Main-Kahan-Hoon kind of expression. As soon as the foggy mist of frenzies are torn apart by the 100 watt bulb I remember that I need to delete this post. But the comments left by well-wishers were really moving so I am updating the contents only and leave the comments intact.

It's wise to know your vulnerabilities but exposing them is unwise. That's what Ms. Sanity whispered into my ears before twisting them painfully to remind me what a naughty boy I had been lately.

well at least i caught it before it was deleted :))
don't feel down. we all go through these phases when we doubt oursleves and how we screw up stuff. But later you can look back and laugh at how you messed up. Because everything is such a learning experience even our worst goof-ups. Not the best person to hand out kind advice or career options :)) but can lend an ear and hold your hand if you need one. Take care.

tobu nera rocks on

M: Thank you for your kind words,it really helped.

Apolexy: Kind of lost here.Does Nera means Neera(Sunil Ganguly's dream-girl) or Nara (Bald-headed)?
Do clarify.

Spontaneity is exhilarating, and often rewarding...esp when the work is creative, at least in my case. And often, well planned doesn't translate as well-implemented...so don't lose heart.
Evrything happens for the best, so go on doing what you like doing...don''t worry whether it worked or not.
As for the diner, probably you can plan a bit more, pre-cook food next time, thereby getting a chance to redo things if you screw up, and heat it up before serving?

long time no see. hope things are better on your end now.

Though people may say that spontainety is required only for creative arts, I feel that it is required for everything as everything can be done creatively. It depends upon what your passion is - Make your passion your profession

Aparna:Thanks for the advice.Will try to use it next time.How's the novel writing coming up.Can we have a peek at the finished chapters.

M:Things are okay except for the nearly 16 hours spent in the office,weekends included.Hopefully full-fledged blogging will resume by next week.Or may be week next to next.BTW,cudn't comment on your last two posts...they were wonderful reads.

Hiren,I'm now beginning to believe that spontaneous creativity controlled by logical planning is the key to success. Passion does play a role,but not all is lucky to have their passion as their profession.

Hokay the post is still there. Shark cowboys..that's a spontaneous job. You know dive under, free the sharks frm the fishing net. Saw it on Discovery and for a change I sat through one complete hr of mindless television.

Ok..hope you are feeling better and have well, netted your dream job. Tell me about planning, tis the bane of my existence. You know, its a bit like coming up with a mincing repartee to an insinuating comment after the party is over

MellowDrama:Nice Nick you got.Not sure whether Shark Cowboy would be a good profession for me,as I lack one of the basic skill ie.swimming.
And as far planning is concerned,maybe I will dedicate a separate post to it.Now feeling to lazy for a full length post :)

The novels shaping up ok, I suppose...I am not a professional, so hopefully others will like it when they read it and will 'find' a plot...for the time being, it is slightly disjointed.
Two tiny posts up...so that I don't orphan my blog :)

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