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Friday, October 13, 2006 

And God Created Woman

Fine print : Much of this story is inspired by M's recent efforts of weighing the two sexes on the opposite pans of the scale. The other inspiration came from a nearly jobless Friday when I finally found out that idle brain is indeed a devil's workshop. So don't blame me if you find the fiction is no good, but do blame it on the devil instead.

The creators were having the debate on behavioral patterns again. It first started when they took up the biggest project of creating intelligence in their own image and the first prototype was built.

When the physical endurance tests were on, the bio-mechanical design team patted each-other on the back. When the neuron-related response tests were on, the programmers of the intelligence unit celebrated. The creators were happy to see such a near perfect creation . Then someone suddenly asked don't we need to test or lay down the rules how these advanced intelligence units will socially interact with each-other. That's where the two schools of thoughts diverged.

One of them came up with a model where the intelligence units interacted with each-other in manners that that required all of them to react on basis of logic. They never required to feel sensitivities to the same degree the way their creators do. Sensitivity became secondary in this model though the proponent said in order to be self learning we will impart little bit of sensitivities amongst the creation units.

The other group said knowledge levels that leads to reasoning capabilities forms the basis of logic. Since knowledge levels tend to change with time, what seems logical might prove to be illogical later on. So we need to impart them the sensibilities that will work in unison with basic logic. But the other group was dead against and drew case studies to prove that sensibilities do cloud the faculty of logic. Counter case studies were drawn to show that in time of logic crisis, sensitivity is the virtue on which the correct choices are made.

Finally when the two trends decided to walk the parallel paths, they said each one will come up their own prototypes and then have time related studies of which of these methods are better. One group of creators created their prototype where logic had the priority over sensitivity, the other group of creators chose otherwise. Since they did not want each group to bring the other to an end, to make a truce the reproductive action was chosen by design to be an union between the two varieties of the same species.

They finally located another planet where these life forms would be bred and observed. As the data for each generations of the creations were gathered, the creators failed to come to conclusion which model had been better. “May be the distinguishing features would be sharply pronounced in the next generation, and then it will prove my model is better than yours“, one group would tell the other. The other one would simply smile and say “Even that is what I'm waiting for !”

Around the time fifty-sixth generation data was gathered, the creators realized the sad truth. Their own evolutionary physique combined with their total dependence on advanced tools for survival can no longer cope with longer life cycles. Slowly as they were perishing they decided to infuse all their thought capabilities into a single unit and that lifeless thought will look over their creation. Even the debating school of thought agreed for the first time since they took over the creation project ages ago. Thus was born the One God, infused thoughts of several creators combined into a single lifeless, formless abstract entity.

Still today, the lifeless formless thought or The God as the created species called it, keeps interacting with the creation by sending neuron signals.The God keeps on watching which is the better of the two varieties of their created species - The Man or The Woman ?

And every time The God concludes "I need to wait for the next generation data".

Interesting. I know certain proverb books were proverbs on women are not exactly flattering. This looks more to the point.

Sorry about the mistaken identity above.


Hiren,can you please share some of the proverbs, I am a sort of proverb collector.

:)) and to think i am responsible in part for such inspiration :))

M: thanks for the double smiley. Self pats on back twice.

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