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Friday, September 29, 2006 

One Sentence Stories

Firefox add-ons are wonderful but nothing like Stumble. Just found out this gem while stumbling for literature - One sentence story. The challenge for people talented at cooking up stories is that these one sentence stories should not be fictional but facts.

Here are some of the best I liked (Please click on the links to check out the tags, especially the first one) :

* I was only fourteen.

* I have begun walking down the street along side good looking strangers in the hope that other strangers will think I have good looking friends.

* Life was so much simpler when i could go peeling through the neighborhood on my bmx bike, topless, with all the boys and not feel an ounce of embarrassment, then puberty came and messed everything up.

* When I told my husband of 17 years that I didn't think he knew me and I wanted a divorce, he asked me "Are you a lesbian?"

And here is all I could come up with :

"My happy thoughts imagining him to be out of our lives died unhappy when I finally came to know that he'd never come back to us again. "

I hate the idea of passing tags may be mostly because I've never been tagged. For that I can only blame my late entry into blogging and even more my lack of netiquette. But I would love if people visiting this blog leave me a link back to their stories. Once in a while the Peeping Tom in me loves have a peep at secret diaries of others.

stumble is quite addictive, I kept pressing the icon for a couple of days before the novelty finally wore off

Shreemoyee,welcome to my humble blog. For me the addiction is yet to wear off. I am a big sucker for all the visual stuffs like that Dali site. But like all my previous addictions this too will have its own lifespan before replaced by something else.

CB, your story was great...said a lot :) continue the 'haiku' prose....

Aparna,would like to hear your haiku too, if you don't mind sharing it.

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