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Friday, December 15, 2006 

Dialouge Part I

"I tried to tell you a thousand times earlier, but you never listened to me . Now before it's too late to turn back I am asking you one more time : Are you still going to do what you alone feel the best ?"

"Look at me....do you see a looser here? No way I'm giving up all that I've worked so hard for. I know it's going to work...have faith on me"

"You still don't understand...it's not a question of my faith. It's all about the how you are way-way blinded to see the truth. You can try to turn your back from reality but sooner or later you'll realise that yourself. But by then it'll be too late to repent."

"Not this time sweet-heart...not this time. This time I'm a much wiser man who has learnt to grow from his mistakes. This is going to be my biggest ever and let me tell you one more thing....you'd be the first one to congratulate me"

"I knew talking to you would be a waste of time...I should've listen to my family long time back. It's better for both of us that I just leave you alone with your ideas. May be that'll make both of us happy."

"Huh, are you threatening to leave me ?"

"It's no more a threat, I have decided that I have had a lot. Can't take it anymore....look at us...look at our relation...it's getting crazier day by day. And the reason for that is only YOU"

"What do you mean that's it's because of ME ? I'm not the one that's complaining...but YOU ARE. It's YOU who's having all the problems...and that's because you don't know how to adjust. And on top of that you expect me to be the ONE TO ADJUST.

"Oh that's what you think ? You think I'm not the one who's adjusting. All this time I've been adjusting every minute, every second to all your whims and fancies. For once I tell you to do things my way and here's how you react. Why is it always have to be your way ? "

"When was it my way ? It's always about you...even now we are fighting only because things are not going to happen in your way. "

"There's no point in fighting with you. You're so full of yourself. I'm leaving this very moment. It's over...understand..IT'S OVER. BYE"

"Hah OVER!! Leave if you have to...I'm not forcing you to stay back but don't even think of coming back. Even I've had enough"

"Did you just say that you've had enough? So all these years you were just pretending ? All those feelings we shared never meant anything to you. How can you be so insensitive ? If you could not stay with me anymore, atleast we should break up on good terms. Is that too much to ask ?"

"Did I ever say that I don't want to stay with you ? I never said anything about leaving...YOU did. If you think that my love for you is only pretending, then so be it. It's good that you made me realise that I was wrong. Thanks a lot for that and wish you all the best. BYE"

"So you wouldn't even stop me !!"

"Even if I ask, would you stay back ? You've already made up your mind..."

"Atleast you could try asking me ..."

"Really...if I ask you now, would you stay back ?"

"You really want me to stay back ? You said you've had enough"

"Even you said that too...infact I said that because you said that earlier. How can I ever have enough of you...you are always so much different. Even after two-three life-times I can never have enough of you. I love you more than you can think of."

"Excuse me...I've heard that before. You said those same words the day you proposed me. Do you still love me so much as you did then ?"

"Don't you feel that yourself ? Take a look at me and tell me what you feel ?"

"Hmm...I feel that you are the most stubborn fool in the world and I'm a bigger fool to love you so much. Why do you love me so much ?"

"Because I'm the most stubborn fool in the world and you are a bigger fool...."

I like the fact that you color coded the dialogue :) Makes for an easier read.
And why does this sound so familiar :)

Chilla bhai, you should write script for movies. :) The color coding is appropriate too. Does blue represent the 'cool dude'? :)

M: OOPS does it sound very familiar? Then I should put up a disclaimer before someone sues me for stealing their dialouges. I guess there is something commonly inherent to any of our relations and that's not copyrighted. And that's what makes us tick.

Panchu-da: Color coding was just a way of killing time. "Buloo Cool Dude" aar "Beguni Rude"-ta andaje dhil lege jawa case. Dada, amae scriptwriter bolia lojja diben na.Dhakar Kutti-ra sunle bolto "Kotta omon kotha koyen nah...ghoradao haNsbe" :)

ooer if this was a personal revelation of sorts, I ought not to comment. Will leave that to the poets:) Happy Holidays

MellowDrama: Don't worry everything that's personal can be universal too. That's what I was trying to touch upon. I guess was succesful on the personal side and failed on the universal one. And never leave it to the poets, they can be too creeply cryptic most of the times. Happy holidays.

Way to go chilla...dialogues and more...I love dialogues...but you should know that by now, when my story was full of dialogues and very little else :)
Happy new year to you! Here's to more creativity from you!

Aparna: Happy New Year to you too. Hoping for some more dialogues from you as well.

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