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Wednesday, December 13, 2006 

A journey backwards

Running opposite to the finishing line is treated as an unwise decision. Swimming against the current is treated as display of courage. When he walked away from the lucrative offers, he wondered which one of the two possibilities applied for him. Whether he was an idiot who fails to read the writings on the wall or someone whose boosted self-confidence dares to be different.

His travels in reverse gear ate up more fuel than what would've been spent on moving in forward direction. Consequently expensive refueling was frequent affair. He had to be more cautious in planning his limited resources. Interpreting his cautious moves as first signs of failure , his well-wishers and critics both told him the same thing in different ways. They said that the finishing line is a well defined goal and rejecting that to drive towards uncertainty would only burn him up.

As he struggled against the current, he saw friends getting propelled effortlessly by the flow. Once or twice they waved at him before moving ahead. Busy fighting with the current, he had little choice but to ignore them. They labeled him as the arrogant fellow who lacks the basic social skills and abandoned him.

The lone struggler solaced himself at the thought that flowing with the current will take them all to the same destination -- To be lost in the seas eventually. But his trail will stop only at the source of the river, atop the high mountains. There it might be lonely, but the attaining that height is all worth the painful journey.

Right now he continues to struggle across the steep terrains from where the glowing peaks are no longer hazy shadows. Will he make it to there?

Flowing against the tide is probably the biggest challenge yet. It is always easy going when the road is flat or where there is a well laid out path. But wouldn't you rather find your own way and leave a trail behind? Even if that means using more fuel and ending up at the top of the mountain alone. Who know...the view might be worth every effort.

M:What you said is very true.Actually it's all about a friend of mine,who decided to walk the less treaded path.Just this Wednesday I hear that fruits of his labours are begining to show signs of their presence.Hoping that he's able to scale the peak and restore my faith in mavericks doing things differently.

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