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Monday, June 12, 2006 

Bibhuti-bhusan Stuck in the Deadlines

The post-card picture depicting a bright sunny day across the lush green valley between the snow-capped mountains reached his inbox paradoxically on a dismal dark afternoon. If it had been a happy story I should have been writing that my main protagonist leaped up in joy to spread the warmth and glow all across the ecosystem he inhabited. But since this is real life, where thorns are more common than the rose itself, he added one more entry to the ever increasing list to be fed to the alert spam guard and deleted the mail.

While he was busy keying in the figures inside the neat blocks of the spreadsheet, the dulcet tunes of the flute from his MP3 player resonating in his grey cells, unwrapped the obliterated poet in him. Recycling the deleted mail he set the picture as the desktop wallpaper. He was impassionedly contemplating the bitmap image from pixels to pixels, when his reverie was shattered by the repeating beep from his Organizer gadget. It was a reminder of the upcoming meeting scheduled 30 minutes later.

A disillusioned Apu returned back to the maze of the blocks on his spreadsheet to race against the deadlines.

Blog ta etdine dekhlam...age teeple bolto...nah dekha jabe na...bhabtam e-molestation kore felllum naki...besh likhcho....sthhan kom..patro o nei...sudui sawostens

Apolexy, blog-e comment-dhulir jonyo dhonyobaad.Apnar blog-e majhe-sajhei dhNu mari,besh bhaloi laage chotto-khatto post-gulo. Keyboard-ta chaliye jaan moshai.Aar majhe-sajhe somoy pele eidike ektu asben.Comment-bina-blogger aar moni-hara-foni dutoi khub sad case.

kothay thaka hoy? kyoto naaki?

Bonatellis-da,Japan deshe sunechi majhe-sajhei dhoroni keNpe othe.Ei kamjor koljete oto jhakuni sohyo hobe na bole ekhon onyo arek nak-chyaptader deshe chop-stick diye noodles chiboi aar moner anonde lah-lah kori.

Ei blog-e dhNu marar jonyo dhonyobaad.Apnar blogtao besh jompesh tobe post-gulo boro infrequent.Parley dada hopta-du hoptae ekta kore kisti charun.

deadlines sucks!!!
maybe i shoul refrain from joining the corporate sector in the future, but that's where the jobs are.

Sayan welcome to my blog.As for the deadlines you can run but you can never hide.Even people in creative business like writers get deadlines from their publishers. That makes me think maybe Devdas needn't die of cirrhosis of liver if the publisher hadn't been so hasty ;-).
BTW you got an informative blog running out there in style.Keep it up.

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