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Monday, August 07, 2006 

Just like that.....

In his alcohol fuelled modest monologues he urges her desperately to forget whatever happened in the past. His sober self refuses proudly to participate in the scripted dialogue with her on the next morning. She reads his plea in his eyes, his voice. Yet she fails again and again to reply with her eyes, her voice.

She had waited for him to call back. He was not sure whether she would like to see him again. Now after so many solitary moons he can still recall her face in every vivid detail. But he no longer remembers her number or the poem he wrote for her. She still remembers the poem to the exact words but never feels the urge in her to call him back. A possibility shaped in the fabric of time and then like a bubble just burst leaving no trace.

His favourite colour was passionate blue. Her favourite was passionate yellow. By the rules of optics the two shades should intermingle to form lively green. Yet when they finally embraced passionately, the back-drop blurred to steely grey.

The back-drop had faded to steely grey, depicting the loneliness of souls.

Hmm, interesting post. Why not let the blue find the "right" yellow so that the result IS a lively green and not the damn steely gray. That would take care of the loney souls as well wont it.

Jhantu,thanx for visiting my blog.As for your question the problem is you hardly find merawalah shade in the spectrum of life.Also don't tell anyone if I let them have the correct shades the sadist in me can't sleep peacefully.Keep visiting ;)

Don't you think that creating color is totally up to us. I mean whether we make green or let grey overrule is a great deal our own decision. Two people can make beuatiful music or they can beat asynchronously to make a great deal of ugly noise.

bah, eto prose haiku he ..

M:Welcome to Chilla's humble abode.Yes totally agree with you about the colour combination part.It's upto us to choose and mix the shades wisely and passionately.

Hutum-da,apnar notun post-ta kaal bhalo kore dekhe ek-khan comment korbo.Dada,haiku bole B'bay Dyeing-r ekta saari chilo na ? Amio to Modon Tanti-r moton khali tant tene jaachi. Abar asben.

Came here from M's blog....loved reading your musings.. :) Will drop in more frequently from now on...

Aparna:Thanks for dropping by.Be my guest and feel free to drop in anytime.Will try to update the blog more frequently but then that would require me to cut down on my daily 11 hrs sleep :(

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