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Friday, August 18, 2006 

The Last Wish

"Certain things are much better if left unexplained", it was scribbled on the suicide note.

The Inspector in charge of the investigation smiled cynically.Now it was his job to see that the last wish of the deceased should not be fulfilled. His trained eyes were already searching for the clues.

The realatives of people who have committed suicide often complain that its not possible to gauge what goes on inside a mind of a person. Anything invisible cannot be explained.

Hiren,that's interesting.Infact I read somewhere that after quite some research on people with suicidal tendencies the verdict was with proper counselling a suicide can be prevented.Welcome to my blog.

nicely put ...

Bona-da: Thanku sir.Come again.And forgot to mention earlier the Amisha Patel post was one helluva post.

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