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Monday, November 20, 2006 

Life is Elsewhere

She was one of those careless blonde beauties, careless meaning who don't take much care about their beauty and in the process look more beautiful. Her no-so-white tee had the slogan "Queen For A Day", embroidered on it. As she sat down on the seat opposite to me in the subway train and pulled out the book, I saw that she was reading the same book as I was. I smiled at her, she didn't smile back.

As I flipped over the pages of my book, Xavier, one of the characters fritted onto one dream from another. We both continued reading about his escapades in
Life is Elsewhere .

I wish I could read a book now...but on strict principles and even stricter apprehensions that the book will spill onto my novel, I am off books this whole month.
That has as much withdrawl symptoms as coffee...I feel!!
Let me know how that book is...

Nice. like one of those 55-word stories.
Haven't been around because I am on vacation. will be back in the US first week of Dec.

tar por ki holo is the question :)

- Bonatellis

stil chillaxing?

Aparna:Hope the novel writing is in full swing.The book is a must read...fell in love with Kundera's writing.If deconstruction of creation of poetry was not enough it was peppered with his political views that too with fine humor.
However I found it strange that most of the east European writers that we read today were against socialist ideas. Whoever upheld the red flag in their literature were mere party propagandist.Don't know why once capitalism was overthrown in Soviet bloc, the quality of left-minded literature went down the drain. Is it because that struggle against establishment brings out the best of creativity?

M:Hope the remaining of the tour was good.If possible can we have the snaps.BTW the word count for this post is 109...falls one short of a doubly qualified 55 word post :P

Bona-dada: Se dukher golpo ki aar bolbo.Swarnokeshi tar statione neme gelo aar ami namlaam amar station-e.Aar Xavier onyo ekta swopner kamrar dorja khule dhuke gelo.

Apolexy:Trying to chillax...sometimes successful...sometimes not.

is the blog dead?

Jhantu,this blog ain't dead yet..but the owner is.BTW they have good wifi net connectivity in Hell. Writing mental posts which will be published shortly ;)

why are you in Hell again? get back to earth as soon as you can. looks like a better place after all.

M:Contrary to whatever Dante wrote the hell is a helluva place.But looks like my stay here is going to be short...you know duty calls. Otherwise who will feed the Dodos with the fishes.Speaking of fishes in case you didn't notice,I just got a brand new mean underwater avatar.Truly reflects my "deep water fish" personality.

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