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Friday, June 16, 2006 

Twist in the Tale

She hesitated for a moment or two and then pulled the trigger. There was a dull thud and the heavy body slumped on the bed. The close range shot exploded inside her victim's brain, which was partly splattered on the bed sheets forming a fractal pattern.She was feeling the nausea churning inside her. But this was not the time or place. Got to keep my cool, she thought and looked around the room. Except for the doorknob and the glass of wine, nothing else had her fingerprints on them. She pulled out a handkerchief from her purse and wiped the glass clean. The doorknob will be dealt on the way out. She was pretty confident that no one saw her coming here. And if somebody would have then she had the perfect alibi. She was still in the shower with her friend waiting in the living room. Another 10 minutes she'll be back in her apartment and out of the shower with “sorry-I'm-late” expression on her face.

Tomorrow the murder will feature in the news. The cops will come to check with her with routine questions. She had already rehearsed her role of a perfectly sad to hear him dead ex-wife. And then the lawyers would come with the will. That should take care of her finances after the miserable divorce settlement the court gave her. May be after month or two of paperwork, she will be off to some tropical beaches sipping cocktails under the cool shades of the palm trees.

She had just reached her backyard to climb inside the bathroom, when the sirens on the police cars announced their presence. One of the neighbours had heard a gunshot and called 911.When the police barged in they saw the body lying on the floor and she was standing dumb-founded. Forensics later confirmed the missing bullet in the pistol recovered from her handbag was identical to the one that went through her friend's head.

Two blocks down the street the contract killer was dialling his client to inform him that the task has been executed perfectly. His wife was shot dead and now he can claim back all the insurance money. The cell phone on the other side kept on ringing.

what a twist...whoa!

Aqua,thanks a lot.

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