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Friday, June 23, 2006 

The Serpentine Illustion

After a brief pause of few silent minutes the hissing sound resumed back. Blinded by the darkness understanding the source of the sound was a difficult one for guesswork games. Even a probe for the source relying on the sense of touch was ruled out. The serpentine possibility and its poisonous implications could be fatal. Of the only other remaining senses were the sense of hearing and the sense of smell. The former could only point to the direction of the source. But that wasn't enough to interpret the true nature of the source. Artin smelled the surrounding air to check out any known or unknown odours that could reveal the source. Unfortunately that effort proved to be a vain attempt as the air was devoid of any suggesting smell.

The the only hope of survival left now was the faculty of logic. Time to put the source of the noise to simulating tests and then gather the data to draw the conclusion.

Is the source of the sound moving or static?
Artin concentrated on the direction of the source. It revealed the source to be standing still.

Does the source respond to vibration?
Artin thumped hard on the ground. The source seems to move back without any disruption to the hissing.

Does the source respond back to sound?
Artin let out a deep cry. The hissing paused for a moment and then the source came nearer.

Just when Artin finally got a glimpse of his predator, he felt a sudden jolt in his brain and all of his senses were switched off. Almost at the same time the hissing stopped abruptly.

"Your program seems to respond to crisis situation pretty well. Now it's time to integrate the defence logic", back at the control station the Defence Secretary congratulated the Chief Designer at the Artificial Intelligence Research Centre.

I didn't quite read your post but I wanted to say that I like your template. Very walking barefoot on the floor summer cute.

shesh tin-te galpo porlaam. khub bhalo laglo. baki gulo pore porbo. ekta katha, font-ta ki ektu baro kara jaye. style-er shonge tokkor khele darkar neyi.

Sinusoidally, thanks for compliments although the real credit goes to blogger-templates. Hope someday you'll find time to go through my miniscule posts and let me know if they justify the template :)

Hutum-da,welcome back.Golpogulo apnar bhalo legeche jene boro bhalo laaglo.Font-ta amaro besh chotto laagche tai template-ta aar kodin porei palte debo.Kintu dada onekdin dhorei apnar bloge notun post dekhina.Eibaar amar moton hangla pathokder jonyo ekta kisti nabiye din.

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