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Monday, July 03, 2006 

As Luck Would Have It

Just before the onset of dusk the random shades of red, yellow and orange started intermingling in the horizon over the vast expanse of the sea. On the sandy shores Oneer was busy dragging the rope attached to his boat to park it for the night. It had been a very good day of fishing especially those giant sea basses really made his day. He was thinking how much money he can spend on tonight's drink after all the obligatory expenses that required immediate attention. But first he had to strike a good bargain with the cashier at the fish factory. That mean son of a bitch was always ready with a hundred odd reasons for paying less.

An hour and half later Oneer was smiling at his streak of good luck at the semi-crowded bar that stood at the end of the beach. The argument with the cashier had been shorter than his expectations and surprisingly the amount received was higher than the usual. With the money neatly tucked in his shirt pocket both the alcohol and the accompanying fried fish tasted better tonight. That hot bargirl had come and flirted with him more than the mandatory customer care rules laid by the owner of the watering hole. Without the need to get up early in the morning he thought of asking her to accompany him after her duty at the bar finishes.Together they might take a little trip on the midnight sea to watch those dolphins play amidst the dark waters.

The money in his possession and alcohol setting fire in his brain together infused a confidence in Oneer to ask her for the night stroll. The girl asked him to wait for her near the shores at midnight. She’d meet him once her duties are over. When Oneer left the bar she went inside the kitchen and told the cook that they got another sucker who wants to take on the bait.

Just before midnight a totally drunk Oneer was lying bruised and battered on the roads. After being robbed of all his fantasies and money he wouldn't be able to afford the vacation tomorrow. Knowing that he had to get up early next morning, he started dragging himself towards his home. He was laughing out loud at his destiny while tears were rolling down his cheeks.

what is this ... a short story?

Actually it's a collection of random words lifted from various famous blogposts using a genetic algorithmic search pattern.To call this a short story would be a little short of blasphemy :-P

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