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Wednesday, July 12, 2006 

A Mumbai Prayer

As the shattered doors of steel are pulled apart
By the hands of the devil

As the battered cavities of skull are pulled apart
By the hands of the devil

As the tattered veils of humanity are pulled apart
By the hands of the devil

Admist all the torned limbs and all the baked hearts
The Spirit of Mumbai stands firmer than ever

A special thanks to all the Mumbaikars at Mumbai Help and other blogs who defeated the cause of terrorism with their good SamaritanMumbaiya gesture

that mumabi spirit is thing is a total shit.
btw, my blog is back in action.

aapnake link korchi. apot-ti neyi aasha kori.

@Sayan: I think we would have to agree to disagree.I can't write off the Mumbai spirit.Look at WTC or London Tubes, they were attended by paramedics and swat teams.But we being denizens of so-called 3-rd world have to take care of ourself.And that fellow feeling is something to be cheered at.
@Hutum-da:Dada apnar blog-e link howa ei odhom-r soubhagya.
@Anyone-else: If any kind reader is visitng here for updates Chilla is reeling under Himalayan workload.Regular blogging will resume probably next month after a vaccation to exotic landscapes.

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