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Monday, July 10, 2006 

First But Not First Enough

"He is fast but not fast enough ", his mentor shook his head as he looked at the graphs hanging on the walls.

Every morning he would come down to the hall where his mentor, The Master would test him at the simulators. The Master would check his reflexes, record his response time and then shout at him to scale his previous record. The rest of the day was spent in the lab where The Master and the team would go through the video recording and charting out the bottlenecks. Once all the parameters were identified the team would have a brain storming session and he was occasionally asked of his opinions.

The next day even before he could check the response time data he could sense his achievements from his mentor's voice. The stern voice would sound a little bit relaxed before it regained its usual alien tune. Although he was not very adept at handling emotions, still he sensed a current in his brain every time he heard that voice.In the nights when they finally left him alone he use to ponder about the worthiness of his existence.

The Master always said that he was unique and that history will remember The Master only because of his disciple. And he had inferred that his purpose was to keep the master and the team happy by reducing the response times.He worked harder on breaking the obstacles and the Master kept adding newer ones. This game continued for a long time till one night he became aware of the exact nature of the scheme. No matter how hard he breaks the obstacle the Master would raise the bars next time and shout at him.

Was there any other possibility? Was there any other way out this circular trap?

Then one day while they were discussing about how much further he should be able to bend his arms he spoke out.

"The solution to the problem lies in the design. The abilities within the framework on the human anatomy are limited by the factors of physics. We need to redesign the framework to break all the barriers. The present model doesn’t serve the purpose and need to be destroyed."

Before the team could apprehend the forthcoming events, the first self-learning android shut itself down beyond repair. The team never wanted to publicise the "cyber suicide" event. They erased all the existing records before it created the first android on a non-human anatomy framework and formulated the third law of robotics that prevented a robot from harming itself.

The only memorabilia that remained was one of his photographs with The Master with a caption "He was the First but not First enough"

eet eej the lurrbhly. and traces of an asimov short story somewhere in there.

Arka,Asimov and Archer are the two A-s that damaged my brain the most. Actually the reference to the 3rd law my homage to the master visionary. You have a great blog running. Keep posting more of your work and do keep visiting Chilla's chilling abode.

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